We're Digital United,
a next-gen holding company.

Our team of highly specialized agencies—Primacy, Mediate.ly, and ZenSource—are designed to maximize the return on your digital investments.

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Highly Specialized

We’re selective about who we partner with. So instead of going wide, we specialize. Leveraging our deep vertical expertise in areas where making the right choice matters most: healthcare, education, financial services and manufacturing. 

Digital Experts

The folks that power our digital ecosystem are a seasoned band of innovators, content creators, design elevators, site orchestrators, results generators and growth accelerators who adopt early, adapt easily and work tirelessly to boost your brand value and bottom line.

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Tenured Talent

People stay—and grow—here much longer than industry standards. They flourish in our stable, supportive environment and relish the meaningful, mission-driven work. This wealth of experience translates into strong, long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

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Purpose in Action

As a goal-driven organization, we are relentlessly focused on achieving our objectives, constantly pushing ourselves to exceed expectations and drive meaningful progress towards our vision. We're tired of witnessing businesses waste time, money, and misspent effort on their digital investments that cause them to alienate target audiences, risk permanent brand damage, and lose marketshare. That's why we've structured our companies to be centered around growth and delivery, striking a healthy balance between productivity, creativity, and innovation to maximize digital investments.

Our Leadership Team

Our experienced leadership team possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise across Digital United's core verticals, with a track record of executing successful projects and a strong commitment to delivering high-quality results for their clients.

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